NFT Optimisation

Do you want to jump on the bandwagon but not sure if you are going to pick the correct NFT? Also make sure you are not looking for NTFS optimisation with is focused on Windows file system storage.

Well honestly nobody has any idea and if they are offering you the option to optimise your NFT presence they are probably scamming you. They might pitch they can help you setup your creations on NFT marketplaces like OpenSea but it’s all mostly just guess work and dumb luck. They will pitch in they can do analysis on your existing creations and help you develop your collections according to each marketplaces unique characteristics but if they knew this they would be rich creating their own NFTs.

OpenSea has a top NFT dashboard where you can see who has the most volume and can see the top NFT rankings for free. Most of the marketing for NFTs are coming via Drops with influencers or celebrities sharing on social media their new acquisitions.

Rarible also have the top collections page where you can see what collection is ranking driven by volume

You can following me on Rarible and on OpenSea but I give no guarantees of success