Interview with Dan Petrovic on Google+

Dan PetrovicIt was great to see an Australian marketer was speaking at SMX Munich 2014 and it was even better to see it was a fellow marketer from Brisbane, Queensland.  Dan is the founder of well known Australian Search Agency DejanSEO that has grown to 4 offices and a team of 60+ strategists, consultants, marketers and account managers.

So since it’s been a while since I’ve had a decent chat with Dan I thought it was a good time to reach out to him for an interview on how all is tracking along for Google+ but also about his session he was presenting at SMX Munchen 2014. I have always enjoyed Dan’s sessions as they always interesting and insightful as he is a marketer focused on big data, deep analysis and data led insights so his SMX session should be brilliant.

On Day 1 from 10:30am Dan is running a session during SMX Bootcamp “Keyword Research For Search Success or avoiding the Piñata” and on Day 2 he will be presenting his session “Content Marketing Strategies for Google+” from 2:35pm in Panel 3 that you shouldn’t miss!

Your session focuses on Google+ content marketing strategies, why not Facebook or Twitter?
I tend to have a pretty good hunch about things and I made my choice as soon as Google+ launched. Each year I keep seeing new features and benefits. Now that Google+ acts as a centrepiece of all that is Google I’m absolutely certain I have made the right choice. Bonus for me is that I genuinely enjoy the platform.
How have you found Google+ as a channel for engaging with Googlers?
Googlers have been super helpful on Google+, particularly on hangouts on air.

You have hinted at the conversion and quality rates are different for Google+ traffic how significant is it?
Apart from organic search, the best conversion channels for us are our own tools such as Algoroo, followed by Google+ and Twitter.

How do you track what is successful on Google+ such as CircleCount or Excel?
I use CircleCount, AllMyPlus, Google Webmaster Tools and some of my own tools and hacks. My own engagement score is calculated by assigning 1 point to a +1, 2 points to a comment and 3 points to a reshare. It works really well.

Google Plus Metrics

What types of metrics do you examine when evaluating content shared on Google+? Is all content equal?

Images dominate Google+ at this time, but I have seen some glimpses of other type of material doing really well.

Google+ platform analytics are lacking outside of ripples do you think this might eventually improve?
Google+ platform analytics are strange. Places pages get so much more data in comparison to brand pages. It just doesn’t make sense. I’ll make a point of this and a few other bizarre things during my presentation at SMX Munich.

If you are trying to stay on top of new Google search patents who do you recommend following online?
Is this even a question? Bill Slawski of course.

You are also from Brisbane what was the decision to sponsor and present at SMX Munich?
Well to be honest SMX Munich hasn’t been on my radar as I had recently visited Europe with no plans to come back so soon but at a recommendation from a Googler the organisers invited me in to speak.

What is the main ideas/points that you hope people to get from attending your session?
To be perfectly honest, I’m hoping to blow people’s minds with a few unique hacks. Short of that, I’ll provide evidence-based insights into what works on Google+ and I feel marketers will have the opportunity to learn something completely new during my session.

What are some of the other sessions/speakers at SMX Munich 2014 that you are looking to see?
I met Marcus Tober after my keynote at Search Marketing Day in Poland last year and thought he was a really smart guy. I really look forward to his presentation this year.

So if people want to follow/engage with you online where can they find you?
I’d like as many people to follow Dejan SEO on Google+ as possible but there is also +DanPetrovic and @DejanSEO

SMX-MunchenThank you Dan for your time in answering these questions and congrats again on the success you have had with Google+ and I hope everyone enjoys your SMX presentation on Content Marketing and your SMX Bootcamp session.

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