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Shipito website issues

So next time you are working in customer service and get an email with an error or problem on your website, take the time to thank the person for reporting it and pass it onto your web developers, don’t advise them they are wrong and it’s not their job to explain what is wrong and place doubt in the accuracy of their issue they discovered.

Continue Reading fails SEO forgot the importance of Google search traffic with bad implementation using 302s and meta-refreshes and they really should start using 301s

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GM fails with Chevy

Consumers don’t always want change especially when its forced on them for the benefit of marketing departments and not making the brand part of their lives…..

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Does business still value privacy online

It seems that invasion of consumers rights and privacy seems to be the thing that business seems to very well lately, with increasing levels of disregard for commercial transparency and a focus on business and not privacy…

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