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Talia Wolf is the first speaker in the interview series leading upto Conversion World 2016.  Talia is the CMO of Banana Splash and founder of Conversioner.  Talia will be presenting her session “The Psychology of Mobile Customers” on Day 1 of Conversion World on the 18th April during session 1.

Conversion World is an online conference that anyone in the world can attend, they have 3 full days of sessions with 35 world class speakers streamed straight to you. If you want to attend you can use the discount code IWANOW to save upto 40% through a special reader discount we have organised with the conference organisers.

Conversion World has 2 ticket options you can purchase, Livestream only or Livestream + download of session videos.  You can buy the tickets online here.

Q) Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Talia WolfA) As founder of Conversioner and CMO at Banana Splash I focus on building and executing conversion optimization strategies, creating better user journeys and online experiences using emotional and behavioral targeting to generate more revenues, leads, engagement and sales. I’m an author and frequent speaker at growth and conversion optimization conferences delivering actionable content on mobile and web optimization, consumer psychology and personalization. I was recently honored to be listed as one of the most influential voices in Conversion Optimization.

Q) Can you tell us a bit about Banana Splash?

A)​ Working with many clients over the years and running thousands of tests has taught us that there is a huge problem with mobile web conversions. Though mobile traffic has almost completely overtaking desktop, companies are still struggling to turn mobile visitors into customers and are not sure how to tackle this challenge. Though many marketers rely on responsive design, it simply does not deliver conversions. So, to generate more mobile conversions we built Banana Splash – a platform that identifies the mobile visitor’s behavior in real time and triggers a splash with a personalized call to action. There are many different parameters that trigger a splash, from geographical location, type of browser and local time to specific behavior your mobile visitors take on a site that determine what splash will be triggered. Our main goal is to provide a quick and simple tool for marketers which means that there is no need for any design or development – in a quick 3 step process you simply choose the action you want your mobile visitors to take and launch.

Q) Can you tell us a bit about Conversioner?

​A) Conversioner is a CRO agency that focuses on emotional targeting and consumer psychology: We identify the customer’s emotional triggers and research the root to every conversion – human behavior. Conversioner focuses on defining the customer’s emotional triggers, their decision making process and then designs tests for optimized user experiences and landing pages that address the customer’s emotional needs. With thousands of tests under our belt, we’re continuously diving deeper into data and running meaningful AB tests that drive higher revenues for our customers.

Q) What is your preferred methodology for testing CRO?

​A) The platforms we use for testing vary according to our client’s needs. Once we’ve ran in-depth research on our side we define the tools we will be using to launch tests and measure results. ​For mobile we use Banana Splashas it allows us to launch tests within minutes and for desktop we vary between Optimizely and VWO. In reality it depends on the resources available, the types of tests we run and the capabilities we need for test in hand.

Q) How do you define a mobile customer?

A) When focusing on mobile web customers it’s important to understand that these visitors are very different than desktop ones. They’re always on the go, multitasking and many still don’t feel comfortable to do transactions on their phone which means we must run in-depth research to identify their needs and build the right experience for them to convert. Mobile visitors are different in the sense of usually having an exact goal when searching on websites rather than desktop visitors who my spend sometime reading and researching your product, they’re quicker on the trigger and are usually looking for a quick and easy solution for their problem – to call, contact or search for something. We’ll dive deeper into defining your mobile visitors by reviewing your Google Analytics account and reviewing specific metrics.

Q) Do you think the definition of a mobile customer is shifting? Is there a difference between mobile (web) and mobile (app) customers?

​A) ​The biggest difference between mobile web visitors and mobile app users is their place in the buyer cycle – mobile app users are people who have already decided to opt in to your service, download it and use it. Mobile visitors (web) on the other hand are at the starting point of the buyer cycle – they still haven’t chosen you or decided to use your product – they’re simply research, checking it out and trying to understand if you can fulfill their needs. With mobile web optimization the goal is to identify those needs and supply them within the funnel to help them take the first step, with mobile app users the goal is to make sure users get what they signed up for.

Q) Can you tell us a bit more about your proposed topic “The Psychology of Mobile Customers”?

​A) My session will dive into the world of mobile conversion optimization. While the majority of marketers count on responsive design it simply is not enough to drive conversions and many companies are losing money. In this session we’ll dive deeper into understanding what type of user journey mobile visitors expect and how to create one that converts.

Q) Are there any other conversion world sessions/speakers you are looking to see?

​A) I’m looking forward to listening to Craig Sullivan, Alex Harris, David Darmanin of HotJar and Martijn Scheibeler from TNW. I’m also looking forward to my panel with Joanna Wiebe, Angie Schottnuller and Tiffany daSilva.

Q) Where can people find you online if they want to engage, follow or connect?

A) The best place to find, follow and contact me is on twitter – @taliagw, or if you want to get daily tips and thoughts you can follow me on Snapchat: taliagw​.

Thank you Talia for taking the time out to answer these questions.  I also would suggest checking out Talia’s blog if you want to consume a bit more of the great content shared previously.

If you want to catch Talia’s session you can use the discount code IWANOW to save upto 40% when you buy the tickets online here.

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