The presentation I gave at SEO Meetups Melbourne March 2013 event on how and why was hit with a penalty. Highlighting some of the dumb things they did and why laziness got them slapped with a penalty.

  1. Reviewed
  2. According to Link Detox
  3. Where you go over the top…
  4. Exact Match Links
  5. Low Quality Syndication
  6. Duplicated Content
  7. Link Networks (Same Owners)
  8. Free Hosts….
  9. What’s in a Penalty• You don’t rank for long tail• You don’t rank for high traffic terms• You don’t rank for brand terms
  10. The Impact on Brand
  11. The Organic Impact?
  12. Discussion about Link Removals
  13. How Long Does it Last?• JC Penny got 90 days• Google Chrome got 60 days• got 11 days
  14. is back!
  15. Prizes by CloudFlare
  16. Prizes by Acquisio