SEMRush Live Audit – September 2017

Craig Campbell hosted my Live Site Audit session on Thursday 21st September where I used SEMRush to audit 3 sites in detail and covered 10 items all sites need to consider.

  1. Live Site Audit – Sep 2017
  2. Who am I? I’ve been doing SEO for over 10 years having spent a mixture of time inhouse and within several digital agencies but in July 2017 I joined Schibsted Media Group as SEO Manager, Global Deployments
  3. Retail Finance Classifieds B2C Brands I’ve worked on? There have been lots of amazing brands over the last 10 years
  4. Join my team we are hiring! 22 countries with 7300 employees and growing rapidly.
  5. Live Audit Who are we featuring this webinar? 1. Last Night of Freedom 2. Male Basics 3. Webopedia 4. Top 10 List of Fixes
    1. Audit score shows opportunity
  6. Not all web pages are indexable
  7. Competitors seo landscape
  8. Duplicate pages should be fixed
  9. Duplicate versions of website
  10. Site statistics overview
  11. Sites with links to HTTP content
  12. Targeting too many keywords
  13. Optimise for featured snippets
  14. Review current backlinks quality
    1. Audit score shows opportunity
  15. Crawling issues were flagged
  16. Competitors seo landscape
  17. Category pages are NoIndexed
  18. Adjust priority scores in Sitemaps
  19. Kill off Magento demo store
  20. Review if Title & H1 match
    1. Audit score shows opportunity
  21. Not all web pages are indexable
  22. Competitors seo landscape
  23. Split up XML Sitemaps
  24. Move website to HTTPs
  25. Improve internal links to content
  26. Top 10 itemsThese are things you need to consider fixing
  27. Review mobile load times
  28. Implement Open Graph tags
  29. Resolve additional redirect hops
  30. Move entire website to HTTPs
  31. Remove tracking parameters
  32. Ensure page titles match content
  33. Implement more structured data
  34. Internal links point to HTTP
  35. Ensure sites use Hreflang tags
  36. Do you need notifications?
  37. Do you need to show pop-ups?
  38. Question time….Ask me anything on seo….
  39. Thank You!