Search Engine Expert – Comment Spam

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There are so many times that I accept that you can slip in comment spam and it is often approved if it’s relevant enough. But a post on online appointment platforms has no relevance to the comment left by Search Engine Experts with the author name “SEO Company”. It’s also great to see other Melbourne marketers are reaching into the gutter to build shitty comment spam links after recent Penguin updates specifically seemed to focus on this type of parasitic link building.

What the hell would this comment do to benefit readers of this post, and how many parents honesty name their kids SEO Company…

2 Replies to “Search Engine Expert – Comment Spam”

  • Nice call out. I also see comments coming in from SEO companies all the time and can’t believe they actually think their spam will pass muster.

    This tells me that they are using cheap outsourced labour for their own SEO, what kind of quality do you think their clients can expect!

    • Thanks Rich, I’m trying harder these days to not throw others under a bus, but it was one of those days that I had one two many spammers hit my blog comments and they were one that I picked from several as they were an agency that should know better.

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