Google Adds SEO Value to Videos

Google has dramatically increased the SEO value of rich media embedded within websites as they begin to bring in more media results into the organic results.  The big uplift for the websites that are able to embed videos within their websites or successfully create a YouTube video sitemap is that they get a massive increase in exposure.

The search result for VIP Home Services stands out among the other results due to the large video thumbnail. I have seen this occasionally but usually below the fold and rarely on a page that also shows Google Local and Google Image results, but I expect it will be much more common as Google push media consumption.Office Cleaning Videos

I would expect their CTR would be extremely high so certainly worth the investment of developing and hosting some video content within your website.  So if you aren’t currently looking at using rich media you are being beaten by websites that were built and developed back in 2009 like VIP Home Services. Also note that this is not a YouTube video so no benefits for Google to show the thumbnail.