Hotmail Live flogs off POP3

In a long-overdue move to catch up with Gmail, Microsoft has begun rolling out free POP3 support to Windows Live Hotmail users in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, France, Japan, Spain, Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands. They advise that more countries will be coming soon, based on their past releases those who speak english or their staff can find on a map.

The much requested POP3 feature was only previously available for an extra $19.95 per year as part of their overpriced Windows Live Hotmail Plus. The issue was that many other email services offered POP3 support for free!

It’s been in speculation on blogs for a while that Microsoft had planned to offer POP3 access to all users. Well crack open your cans of redbull that day has finally arrived just in time for a large scale rollout of Google Apps Premier Edition.

Another amazing feature is a “Quick Add” moveable sidebar, that enables users to quick search for maps or addresses. Firefox users also have that feature when they highlight a word and right click and “search google for….” These kind of features often seem to be too slow too late, as many people continue to adopt Gmail addresses over the previously cool….