Google+ larger improved posts

It seemed that Google+ is slowly catching up with Facebook when it comes to improving the visual experience when it comes to sharing great content on Google+. Below is the current and old style post that you see when you share content on Google+ with a small thumbnail image, the page title and a URL.  This is really not a great experience if you are trying to capture your fans/followers attention.


But good news, below is two screenshots of the new and improved Google+ posts that include a massive 505×306 pixel image with a larger font for the title along with Google+ page link and short description if available.  You can see the difference between the two is quite substantially and likely to vastly improve engagement and click-thru-rates for content with great feature images!new-posts-2

new-sharesSo what do you think about the new style large impact posts, they don’t seem to be retroactive at this point but if you are not sharing posts with great enticing images you will likely now be missing out on making a great impact to your followers.

Feature Image Photo Credit: Alejandro Mallea