SEO Tools & Software – SEO Meetups Presentation June 2013

During June’s SEO Meetup I covered SEO software platforms that I use in my daily job. I also examined a number of tools available to track social media engagement with your content, how to scale website reviews and research and the all important tracking of Google search results.

  1. SEO Tools & Software Image Credit > Ryan Hyde
  2. 1) Tools to Evaluate Backlinks 2) Tools to Track Social 3) Website Reviews & Research 4) Tracking Google Rank 5) Investment = Time Saved 6) Time Saved = More Client Time
  3. Tools to Evaluate Backlinks
  4. Link Detox• Link Detox is a great tool for quickly checking the potential toxicity of a domain. This is great for exploring link opportunities but also when buying expired domains or buying existing domains via auction platforms or private sales.• The most cost effective way to get link detox reports is to have a monthly subscription.€ 1
  5. Link Detox
  6. Link Detox
  7. Link Research Tools offer a subscription model but they also offer a day-pass for once off audits/projects.• Quick Backlinks• Quick Domain Compare• Backlink Profiler• Link Juice Tool• Competitive Keyword Analyzer• Competitive Landscape• Competitive Link Velocity• SERP Research Tool• Common Backlinks Tool• Link Juice Thief• Missing Links Tool• Link Check Tool• Link Alerts• Link Juice Recovery• Strongest Sub Pages From€ 69
  8. LinkResearchTools – Quick Domain Compare
  9. MajesticSEO mostly used the FREE account since 2010 and have always found the historical analysis to be very valuable. I use their tool often on a daily basis as itshows up data that is not available in other tools. They do have a number of API options if you are looking to track and report on competitors or your own sites in a way that is scalable.• Comparison Tool• Neighbourhood Checker• Backlink History• Bulk Backlink Checker• Clique Hunter• Site Explorer• Keyword Checker From£30
  10. MajesticSEO – Site Explorer
  11. MajesticSEO – Backlink Report
  12. MajesticSEO – Anchor Text Report
  13. MajesticSEO – Referring Domains Report
  14. MajesticSEO – Referring Domains by Location
  15. MajesticSEO – Top Pages within Your Domain
  16. MajesticSEO – Link Profile “Trust”
  17. MajesticSEO – Compare Domains
  18. MajesticSEO – Visualise Backlinks
  19. MajesticSEO – Compare Sites
  20. Linkody$5
  21. MozCheck2 I bought the self-hosted version that you can run on your own server with a my own SEOmoz API key which allows me to check up to 1 million links a month. I updated to the PRO version that will allow me to bulk check:• PageRank• Alexa• Facebook Shares• Linkedin Shares• Tweets If you need anything else not listed above chances are their team can work out something so please get in contact with James. OnceOff $
  22. Advanced Link Manager• Analysis of Domain Quality• Website Crawler• Webpage Analysis• Track Reciprocal Linking• Find Link partners• Backlinks Evolution• Desktop Based• Supports Multiple ProxiesFrom$99
  23. OpenSiteExplorer
  24. Tools to Track Social
  25. SharedCount• Shared count is a great platform for quickly checking the social metrics of a single URL or adding multiple URLs.• They also have a great API if you need to pull in data from a large set of URLs from a regular basis.• The downside is the tool is URL based so you need to feed in the list and you don’t always know which is the best URL to check. Free
  26. SocialCrawlytics• One of the best social media tracking tools available as it’s a crawler, the platform allows you to crawl domains, pages and sub-folders.• It offers you social metrics from the major platforms, lists most shared authors, can organise scheduled monitoring and has a API.• Its free for small scale use and you can tweet for more credits or contact them and buy in bulk. Free
  27. DataSift• Approved platform for Twitter Firehose plus additional insight from data enrichment(Language, Gender, Links, Interaction, Klout, Sentiment, Trends, Salience Topics, EntityAnalysis)• Get a deeper picture of your brands social audience, what are their demographics(age/profession/location)• Access to historical Twitter data back to January 2010 to identify trends from public tweets.• Data Sources Available: Facebook Pages, Google+ Business Pages, Instagram, Twitter,Public Facebook Updates, YouTube,,Amazon Forums & Threads, Reddit, Flickr,WikipediaFrom$3000
  28. Website Reviews & Research
  29. SeoTools for Excel• The plugin allows for integration with Google Analytics, SEOlytics and MajesticSEO which can make you job that much easier when working with a large of data-sets or just doing quick checks.• Because it offers insights right from within Excel it is really useful for SEO analysis for On Page recommendations, debugging technical issues and even competitive research. OnceOff $
  30. RavenTools From$99
  31. RavenTools From$99
  32. ScreamingFrog• Screaming Frog SEO Spider is a wonderful tool for quickly checking a crawling a website to check onsite issues. This is certainly one of the best tools for checking what needs to be fixed but also confirming that web developers have implemented the required changes as requested.• The spider checks: images, css, JavaScript,SWF, internal links, external links, meta tags, heading tags, alt tags and response codes.• There is a free version that everyone should have on their computer but it’s limited to crawling 500 URLs• The license is an annual fee and can be discounted if you buy multiple licenses.£99
  33. 324) Tracking Google Rank
  34. SEOmoz (old platform)
  35. (new platform) From$99
  36. (new platform) From$99
  37. Advanced Web Ranking From$99
  38. Authority Labs From$49
  39. ColibriTool From$15
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