Google adds Local time to results

I often have to schedule phone conferences and webinars in various parts of the world, and know I can at least quickly check the local time before ringing a client.

It has been one thing that I have been waiting for Google adding real-time timezone data to city specific searches such as “London time” . The only downside is that I will be likely visiting the Time and website less unless i’m trying to organise meeting or webinar times for multiple time zones.

It is one of those constant queries that has always been suited to universal search results, and it helps that they kept the display simple and fast loading.  If I want more advanced features I can easily click and visit which is the best place to do more complex tasks such as future meetings, fixed meetings.  One of the other items that still makes it worthwhile visiting is they provide so much detail about your location, Long/Lat, sunrise/sunset, moon times…

I have tested the feature on a number of cities and it seems to work wonderfully, thank you to the search team for enabling this feature and saving me a click.