Pinterest rolls out profile verification

In what looks the first move to reduce the level of spammers using Pinterest for source of SEO friendly links, they have rolled out a verify website feature. Similar to Google+ “linked” website verification badge it’s an interesting step for Pinterest users to better promote their websites on their Pinterest profiles. The process for verification is fairly simple as shown by the screenshot below, it’s too early to have seen a benefit of verification just yet. But I would assume that it could easily form part of a trust signal used by Pinterest once they have enough accounts verified.

I’ve had a bit of a search through but cannot see that many other accounts I follow that have done it as you are not currently prompted to verify if you have an existing account. But Pinterest have made the verification process more apparent for new users when they setup their account but I would guess they also want existing accounts to eventually verify their profile link.

It’s likely that similar to Twitter & Google+ there will be verified Pinterest profiles launched soon enough, and this is part of that first step forward. I advise that if you have a Pinterest account you take some time out to verify the website listed on your profile.