StumbleUpon new AD System launches

StumbleUpon Advertising process is quick and easy to create a new campaign and start driving targeted traffic to your web page...

StumbleUpon has surprised the market with fresh and new relaunch of their less well know paid platform “StumbleUpon Advertising”, which mixes in paid suggestions with its automated suggestions to users as to pages that might interest them.  The new platform seems to solve the key issue which is easier account management of your StumbleUpon Advertising campaigns, which previously had proved fairly time intensive to set up and understand campaign results. The advertising model is built around matching websites and webpages to their users predefined expressed topics of interest, which is fine tuned across millions of users stumbling millions of new items each month.

  • New Advertiser Dashboard – StumbleUpon now makes it easier to manage and optimise multiple client campaigns
  • More payment options – You can now fund your Ad campaigns with Credit Cards
  • Greater control over spend – StumbleUpon offer the ability to control spend at the individual campaign level
  • New Topic Recommendation Engine – StumbleUpon can now automatically suggests new topics to target more audiences
  • Improved Reporting – StumbleUpon offers increased visibility into your viral traffic sources and content of interest
The new StumbleUpon Ad platform offers advertisers the ability to see the full picture on your campaign reach, combining both Paid & Free views for each of your StumbleUpon campaigns.  To better match other Ad platforms, you can now track campaign history to get a better view of your campaign performance over time.  The next feature to be added allows you to download your StumbleUpon campaign results as a downloadable CSV report, which can be imported into third-party software such as Bid Management Systems or Excel spreadsheets. The StumbleUpon Advertising process is quick and easy to create a new campaign and start driving targeted traffic to your web page, the targeting for audience size also allows for large or small campaigns to be quickly setup.  The ability to target users by their interests by the 500 categories…
How your StumbleUpon Ads work:
  • You can target the audience you want by category, demographic and/or geography
  • Visitor traffic comes direct to your site, no click-through required
  • The more users like it “stumble it”, the more traffic you will get
The new reporting platform also allows for some more advanced targeting but also offers a simplified dashboard for campaign reporting.  The daily budget can be specified in dollars, and further refine campaign targeting by demographic and geographic settings.
The new dashboard brings the ad platform closer to an advertising solution as it now provides more transparency around paid versus free traffic for your particular campaign.  This allows marketers to better calculate the viral campaigns true traffic uplift from the paid campaign and how it influenced the free stumbles. The Free stumbles are shown below and above in green with the paid stumbles clearly shown as blue on the charts.
StumbleUpon ads seek to resolve some of the common problems by not using Pop-ups, Interstitials or Click-Throughs to display their advertisers web page.  The CPV is also influenced by free traffic which allows for successful campaigns to have a lower overall cost-per-visit.  The better the targeting and the quality of content the more likely the content will benefit from some viral traffic and have a much lower campaign cost.  If you want to get a better idea about the new StumbleUpon Advertising platform we suggest that you give their feature tour a try.