Automated Content Marketing

As interest inHitTail content marketing grows, I thought I would go back to an old favourite platform HitTail that I first started using back in 2009. The simple way to describe HitTail is that it’s very similar to Google Analytics for but just helps you produce better Content based on your current keyword traffic.

HitTail works simply by capturing what keywords are driving visitors to your website and then using it’s algorithm it gives you a list of keywords topics for content creation. The list of topics are based on what keywords it’s algorithm feels have enough search volume but also based on current traffic your new content topics will likely rank highly for.

The benefit for web masters is that this data is proprietary and you are getting insights into content ideas that your competitors will never have access to.  In a world where exclusivity and unique content wins the hearts and clicks of users you can easily scale up your content marketing activities with a platform like Hittail.

One click to Order Content

Hittail has expanded it’s product features and now if you like a suggestion you can quickly click the “order” button to order a custom 400 word article based on that keyword.  They advise it will be a 2-3 day turn around and for $19  that’s fairly decent value considering the ease of ordering.  There are some further details you need to provide such as article title, article category, what is the goal of the article, a comment box for topic clarification and if you want to publish the post under your own name.

The best feature I see if the goal field which gives the writer a guide on what purpose you are having the article written for.  The options are informational, product reviews, encouraging reader action, or establish the post as an authority on the topic.

Order HitTail Content

Integration with Basecamp

Just a few days ago HitTail announced a new feature that allows integration with project management platform Basecamp. The feature reduces the manual effort of keeping HitTail content to-do lists synchronised with Basecamp.  This looks like the first of many steps to increase the efficiency of HitTail as a content marketing platform.

Sync Your HitTail To-Do Lists with Basecamp

Since HitTail has just launched an “Integrations” page you can expect far more platforms will be coming soon which would likely include a few SEO or Social platforms.

Get Started with a 21 day Trial

You can get started with their platform fairly quickly and easily and I recommend trialling the HitTail “pro” package as it gives you all the advanced functions and 10,000 unique visitors should be enough for most blogs initially.  You can also use it across a number of your websites as they offer unlimited domains to be setup and tracked independently within your master account.