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Scribe. SEO Made Simple.

One of the recent developments following the Google panda update seemed to shift the value away from shitty low quality or thin affiliate/adsense websites to those sites that had quality content.  Part of that shift also re-enforced the ideal if you were going to get content created you had to make sure you produced useful and easy to read content suitable for human visitors and not just bots by overloading the content with a certain density of keywords.

The issue with SEO focused content is what comes first the chicken or the egg? Do you create a broad/vague article and then seed it with keywords or do you find your seed keywords and build an article around those terms?

The benefit of platforms like Scribe SEO is they seek to fill that gap as they can refocus your existing article to be more suitable for SEO, give guidelines on what Google/Bing think might be the most suitable content for your site along with adjusting your terminologies and phrases to match the language of what people are actually searching for.  Some of the other smaller basic items around SEO are also covered to ensure you follow SEO best practices but also link these into your link building strategies.

Scribe’s billable method?

The platform is interesting as it uses a model that only charges on each analysis of content via it’s Scribe algorithm, with initially the process to fully optimise a page taking 3 to 5 evaluations which will improve with more use of the platform.  Their model is fairly conservative and is modelled around the amount of content you need to produce or optimise each month with the rough guides shown below.

  1. Advanced Users for 75-100 pages/posts per month
  2. Professional Users for 30-40 pages/posts per month
  3. Publisher Users for 7-10 pages/posts per month
  4. Starter Users for 3-5 pages/posts per month

Is Scribe SEO suitable for multiple websites?

Their platform is suitable for multiple projects as their license is based on keyword searches and content evaluations not on the number of websites.

Does Scribe SEO offer an API?

Yes their API supports most web based protocols including SOAP.

What technical support is available?

Yes the subscription offers support via the myScribe system

What CMS platforms does Scribe SEO support?

The platform is web based but supports WordPress (version 2.8.4 or late), Joomla (version 1.5) and Drupal (version 6 or later), but does not support the free blog platform.

What WordPress SEO plugins are supported?

  • HeadSpace2
  • WordPress SEO by Yoast
  • All In One SEO Pack (both free & pro version)
  • FV All In One
  • wpSEO
  • Platinum SEO Pack
  • SEO Ultimate

What WordPress Themes/Frameworks are supported?

  • WooThemes (Framework 2.7.22)* and child themes
  • Genesis framework and StudioPress themes
  • Thesis framework and child themes
  • Catalyst framework and associated themes
  • Headway framework and child themes
  • Hybrid framework and child themes
  • Frugal framework and child themes

Why SEO and how platforms like Scribe can help?

Scribe helps SEO for WordPress

Get a free SEO report
If you are looking for guidance on how you can create compelling content that drive quality traffic to your site, encourage people to link to and share your content you can check out their free SEO report.

What the free report contains

  • Why SEO Copywriting Matters
  • How Bing/Google Work
  • How you can spoon feed search engines
  • The 5 primary elements of quality keyword research
  • Creating Content That Google/Bing love
  • 5 Link Building Strategies that will work
  • 5 Areas you can focus on for effective SEO copy writing
  • Why can writing for people also works for search engines
  • How you can make SEO simpler