Google Keyword Significance Tool

Google webmaster tools has provided a new keyword significance tool

Google-webmaster-toolsGoogle webmaster tools continues to evolve with a visual element added to its keyword data it provides to webmasters who have verified that they are the current owner of the site. There new webmaster feature mix some search optimisation benefits and an easier way to flag spam and hacked content.

Google Keyword Significance Tool


The new keyword feature is updated daily, and provides details on how often their Googlebot found a specific keyword.  To further add value to webmaster they now also provide a list of URLs that contain that specific keyword.
This replaces the previous numerical value that was listed within Webmaster tools.  The daily update allows for monitoring website rebuilds or identifying if your website has been hacked.  If you start to see your website appearing for unrelated search results you can use this feature to find if you have keywords hidden in your content.

You can drill into these keywords and quickly identify which URLs contain them and eliminate any hacked content. We ensure all our clients are running Google webmaster tools to ensure they avoid any issues like Malware, Hidden content or Spam or check out this Webmaster’s Guide.

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