Google Certified Ad Networks List

Some of the bigger ad networks that have started serving their ads through the Google Adsense platform include:, AOL,Chitika,,Linkedin,Omnicom,ValueClick,Teracent

The Google Certified Ad Networks continue to grow and are starting to feature a number of well-known marketing agencies and bid management platforms. As they expand their Certified Ad Network platform you can expect the criteria to change and they also reserve the right to offer your Adsense inventory to the Certified Ad Network based on many different criteria and quality factors.

Some of the bigger ad networks that have started serving their ads through the Google Adsense platform include:, AOL,Chitika,,Linkedin,Omnicom,ValueClick,Teracent

  1. [X+1]
  2. AccountNow, Inc.
  3. Acxiom Corporation
  4. Ad Pepper
  5. Ad Perium NL
  6. Adchemy
  7. Adconion Media Group
  8. Adconion S.L.
  9. AdConion UK
  10. AdJug UK
  11. AdKnife
  12. Adlantic
  13. Adnetik Spain
  14. Adnetik US
  15. Adpepper Germany
  16. AdReady
  19. Alcance Media Group
  20. Announce Media
  21. AOL Inc
  22. AppNexus
  23. Atrinsic
  24. AudienceScience Inc.
  25. Bid Alpha
  26. Bizo
  28. BrightRoll
  29. Burst Media
  30. Chitika
  31. ClickDistrict NL
  32. Collective Media
  33. Cossette Communications
  34. CPM Advisors, Inc
  35. Criteo Europe
  36. Criteo UK
  37. Criteo US
  38. Cyberplex, Inc
  39. Dapper Inc.
  40. DataXu
  41. Datran Media
  42. Dedicated Media
  43. Didit
  44. DKK Agency
  45. Dotomi
  46. DQ&A
  47. DSNR
  48. EchoSearch
  49. Efficient Frontier, Inc.
  50. Epic Advertising
  51. Exponential
  52. FetchBack
  54. Goodway Group
  55. Google Bidder Testing (AdWords Campaign Experiments?)
  56. Google Display Network (Spare Network Spot)
  57. HTTPool
  58. Hurra Germany
  59. ID Media
  60. IDG Tech
  61. Imagini Europe Ltd.
  62. Infectious Media
  63. Innovation Interactive
  64. Interactive Media Sales
  65. InterCLICK
  66. Internet Brands
  67. Invite Media
  68. iPonWeb
  69. Jumpstart Digital Marketing Inc
  70. LeadClick
  71. LinkedIn
  72. Lotame Solutions, Inc.
  73. LucidMedia
  74. MaxPoint Interactive
  75. Media Innovation Group
  76. Media6Degrees
  77. MediaMath
  78. Mediaplex
  79. Mexad
  80. Mixpo
  81. Mpire
  82. My Media Buyer
  83. MyThingsMedia UK
  84. NetSeer Inc.
  85. Next Performance
  86. Next Premium
  87. Next Step Media Online Inc
  88. NextAction
  89. Omnicom Media Group NL
  90. Omnicom Trading Desk
  91. OpenX Technologies
  92. OpinMind
  93. OwnerIQ, Inc.
  94. Pennyweb, Inc. (DBA Ybrant Digital)
  95. People Media, Inc
  96. Performance Advertising
  97. Permuto, Inc.
  98. Pinnacle Dream Media
  99. Pulse 360
  100. Quantcast Corporation
  101. QuinStreet, Inc.
  102. Radius Marketing Inc.
  103. Red Aril, Inc.
  104. Redux Media Inc.
  105. Reply! Inc.
  106. ReTargeter
  107. Return Media BV
  108. RichRelevance, Inc.
  109. Rocket Fuel Inc.
  110. Schnaeppchenjagd GmbH
  111. Semantic Sugar, Inc.
  112. ShareThis, Inc.
  113. Simplifi Holdings Inc.
  114. SinnerSchrader Deutschland GmbH
  115. SoMR Networks
  116. Sooth Software Corporation (dba
  117. Specific Media
  118. Specific Media France SAS
  119. Specific Media Germany GmbH
  120. Specific Media UK Limited
  121. Spongecell
  122. Struq Limited
  123. Techconnect B.V.
  124. TellApart
  125. Teracent Corporation
  126. The Exchange Lab
  127. Traffic Marketplace
  128. TravelClick
  129. Tribal Fusion UK
  130. Triggit
  131. TubeMogul
  132. Turn
  133. Underdog Media
  134. UpValue GmbH
  135. ValueClick International Ltd
  136. ValueClick, Inc.
  137. VCCP Digital Ltd
  138. Veremedia
  139. Veruta
  140. VivaKi
  141. WinBuyer Ltd
  142. WPromote
  143. Xtend Global Media LTD
  144. Zillow

Will the Certified Ad Network appear in reporting?
Currently impressions, clicks, and earnings generated from the Google certified ad networks will appear in your Adsense reports in the same way these stats appear for AdWords ads. Google may in the future offer more detailed reporting options.

Can the certified ad network use the impression data from my site for ad targeting later?
No, the Google certified ad networks and those advertisers who use it are not allowed to collect data from your site for the purpose of subsequent re-targeting. This should allow you to benefit with increased revenue and you won’t need to offer your own site’s data for subsequent re-targeting.

Can I block all future Google certified ad networks?
Yes you can automatically block any new Google certified ad networks that are added and changes will take effect within 1-2 hours.

Can I request a specific Certified ad network for my ads?
You may allow and block specific ad networks, but you cannot request the¬†addition of a specific ad network that is not yet certified by Google. Just because you allow a specific ad network doesn’t guarantee that they will target your site.

How are Certified ad networks selected by Google?
Currently the Google Adsense team has focused on their partners & vendors that have already been requested by the publishers in the network. The certification process is thorough and requires that the third-party ad platform complies with user privacy, latency, compliance with Google’s creative policies and accuracy of measurement.

How does Google certified ad networks work?
The Adsense platform now has yield management incorporated into the platform powered by DoubleClick Ad Exchange which means all the networks listed above can now compete for your ad units and drives up the revenue generated from each click in an open exchange.