Top Marketing Posts of 2010

Again from me and my guest writers thank you all for reading this blog in 2010 and don't forget to come back in 2011 when there should be some more guest bloggers covering more articles, topics and breaking news.

This post is the result of a quick chat with Malcolm Coles on Twitter about the Econsultancy top 25 blog posts from 2010 didn’t include any of our post’s, I thought it was time to create my own self promotional list of what articles my readers have liked in 2010.  Disclosure I haven’t actually written for Econsultancy yet, but I guess the invite is being sent in time for Christmas???

The top marketing posts list is based on my own articles I’ve published across the web including some for Search Engine Journal, Marketing Magazine, Dynamic Business and this blog during 2010, top be a bit more transparent, the top posts are based on reader interaction, tweets of the posts and shares via other social media such as Facebook or StumbleUpon.

Do WordPress blogs still get traffic?

Over the last 12 months this blog has received over 65,000 views of posts a 650% increase on the previous year which shows that with a combination of social media, link building, fresh and engaging content you can grow your traffic easily.  It seems that the blog looks on track to continue growing at around 10% every month based on the past year’s averages with an aim to reach around 450,000 to 500,000 views this time next year which would be great and only possible with the support of the team at Automattic.

Top Marketing Posts of 2010

Search Engine Journal Post I have written 6 posts for Search Engine Journal with a focus around AdWords marketing, analysis and how to get more from your campaigns.

Google Instant AdWords Trouble – This post was written following the launch of Google Instant and used data that showed initially there was a big impact of user interaction with AdWords

  • 25 Likes on Facebook
  • 314 Tweets

Marketing Mag Guru Blogger Posts – I have written 20 posts for Marketing Magazine Australia over the last 2 years ranging from failures, to success to critical analysis of marketing

MacBank’s Miranda Plan – While this blog did recieve a lot of spam comments, it still manage to attract a lot of human comments and a fair whack of search traffic


Dynamic Business Marketing Posts – I have so far only written 4 posts for Dynamic Business Australia’s leading SMEs magazine but have many more planned for 2011

Small Business CMS – A very strong and direct view of how business should be examining their use of complex or custom CMS platforms

  • 7 Tweets

Google Travel ITA Buyout – this article received a fairly strong reaction along with a number of similar stories at the time

  • 5 Tweets
  • 1 Comment

The Lost Press Marketing Posts – This very blog where I have written close to 200 posts over the last 2 years.

iPad News EcoSystem – this was a dual post around an interview with the founder focusing on the launch of Flud an iPad News Ecosystem

  • 1 Response
  • 14 Tweets

Facebook Places Fails – the launch of Facebook Places stumbled a fair bit and this was a critical view of where it went wrong

  • 3 Responses
  • 19 Tweets

Do Hotels Get PPC? – Seeing the constant failure of Hotel websites failing to get their head around PPC lead to this post

  • 4 Responses
  • 15 Tweets
  • 33 StumbleUpons

WebTrends Intergration with Marin – This was a great post showing the power of Facebook to bring a bid management and analytics platform together

  • 3 Responses
  • 12 Tweets

Security Issue in Website Optimiser – This was a nice breaking news piece that focused on an urgent update from Google

  • 41 Tweets
  • 6 Responses

iPad Discount – This was a post around the TJ Maxx black friday promotion that just went viral

  • 103 Tweets

RockMelt Facebook Browser – It’s still not clear if RockMelt is the future of browsers but it did generate a fair bit of interest

  • 20 Tweets

WordPress Tweet Button

  • 5 Responses
  • 35 Tweets

Facebook Insights Update

  • 8 Responses
  • 5 Tweets

Thank you to everyone who reads, comments and tweets my and my guest’s articles, you are all awesome! To my guest writers thank you for helping grow this blog and I hope we have plenty of new topics stewing about for 2011 and hopefully will welcome a few new guest writers.  Again from me and my guest writers thank you all for reading this blog in 2010 and don’t forget to come back in 2011 when there should be some more guest bloggers covering more articles, topics and breaking news. There are around 15 stories that are slowly being finished and will be set to publish during January 2011 so you have something to read while I take some time off to recharge and explore new ideas for articles.


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