Linkedin goes down

It's a bit of irony that the move of the production site to the more robust Linkedin data center lead to this downtime.

In an interesting move to their new bigger better and more reliable data Los Angeles data center they managed to bring their site down as part of the cutover, synchronisation and testing.  The official Linkedin blog advised that it should have been only offline for around 6 hours starting at 5pm on Sunday but at 8am Monday morning the site was still having some issues. It’s a bit of irony that the move of the production site to the more robust Linkedin data center lead to this downtime.Linkedin Down

So what can be learned from this?

  1. If you have this planned please update your error message to reflect the likely issue is that the site is moving to a new server, don’t use generic messages and hide the story on your company blog.
  2. Linkedin was correct when they used a blog for their company news so any issues with their main site doesn’t prevent them getting their message across
  3. Linkedin did the right thing but it’s stream of updates via twitter but they could have also posted a quick note on their company blog
  4. Don’t self congratulate yourself before the move is complete, the staff jumped the gun early with this Twitter update

It’s great to see companies like Linkedin upgrading their infrastructure but others can always learn from their mistakes when it comes to your time to upgrade your servers and no Wikileaks is not responsible for this downtime.

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    • So when will the site be completely up? Did their planning not include redirects to mirror sites during the planned and unplanned outage? So frustrating as the site has been up and down all day. I just don’t expect this type of outage on such a unimportant (non-commerce) site. Thjere are a lot of pm’s and network menagers out of work (not including me thankfully) who can plan and execute this type of move with minimal planned downtime.

      Let’s get it back on line ladies.

      • Larry,

        It might be a while as it appears to be a bit sluggish when it is working, but as it is the middle of the day on a Monday I expect it might not get fixed until later tonight.


  • Well today we learn that Linkedin uses Sun[tm] ONE Web Server, Enterprise Edition 6.1 to
    ” enables companies to react quickly to market demands by providing a high performance, highly scalable and secure web server ”

    It says so right on the home page (3:03 PM EST)


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