WordPress for Windows Phone 7

The WordPress WP7 platform is designed for busy users running blogs to quickly write posts, quickly check visitor statistics and manage visitor comments on the move.

Wordpress for Windows Phone 7It has just been officially announced by WordPress that following on from last weeks announcement that you could get WordPress for Nokia you can get WordPress on your WindowsPhone7.  Being how a majority of my sites and this blog run on the WordPress CMS platform and I have a WindowsPhone7 that is awesome news.  The platform is designed for busy users running WordPress to enabling quick blog posts, quickly check visitor statistics and manage  visitor comments on the move.

The official WordPress application will be made available for FREE in the Windows Mobile Marketplace but currently you can just download it here and sync via Zune if you want to get it now.  It’s syncs up easily and takes about a minute or two before you are ready to make your first post. The platform is open source and you can get involved with the project here, so expect some very cool customisation that will be released over the next few months and the team is already working to address bug fixes and responding to users already on Twitter about the application.

Just like you can when sending via email from your mobile you can now easily add footer notes like this to any new WordPress posts you write on the go such as the standard “Posted from WordPress for Windows Phone” but you can customise this to suit your blog persona.  I did start this post on my WindowsPhone but after publishing it instead of saving it to a draft I decided to go old school and use my PC to write-up a more detailed post on the new application.

WordPress Mobile Advantages

The ability to moderate comments directly from your WindowsPhone is amazing and makes it possible to manage even some of the larger blogs remotely without your PC, last week I had to wait until I went back to the office to approve a comment which was just annoying.  The ability to remotely moderate a blog, a series or blogs or even your clients websites is amazing and certainly worth the reduced stress and increased control.  The WordPress Mobile statistics are just amazing and certainly worthwhile for anyone who is a bit OCD checking visitor web analytics during the day or when you manage to get a breaking news post out early and is very easy to use.

Windows Phone WP Stats

WordPress Mobile Limitations

The ability to draft up a post is fairly useful but it’s far too easy to publish before you are ready, they have advised that you need to make sure the Publish box is unchecked before saving, but having it set off as the default is a far better setting.  While you can add and select new categories for a blog post I did experience a strange error and the category I selected and saved did not seem to apply correctly and I had to do it again via my PC when I wrote this post. The other limitations included the ability to edit the PermaLink on your blog post and it’s very difficult if you often use HTML in your blog posts to easily do on the initial version, but like the 2011 WindowsPhone update it’s likely the next version of this will address many of the issues.

I suggest you get a WindowsPhone so you can get the app or if you are waiting until Christmas you can still follow their official applications updates on Twitter WP for Windows Phone 7

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    • Richard,

      Thanks for the comment I did see your Tweet about the issue but it was too late I hit save and published it, but I did think that it’s an amazing platform and being the first few to test it you can always expect some hiccups. The team over at Automatic are awesome and building stuff they just need more users testing and playing with the platform to improve it. I just used my phone to setup a new personal WP.com blog that appears to be more suitable to the application at this stage such as uploading photos (media) and not typing up 10,000 word essays.


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