working issues?

Amazon appears to be having issues but only on specific domains, could it be related to Wikileaks or just busy Christmas shopping?

A quick check of Amazon Web Services service health dashboard show that currently all services are operating normally, but checking from this service shows that is appears to be down currently.  The strange point is that i’ve tested both and and had no issues from here so it is likely a geographic as appears to be down, as does the Italian Amazon and the German Amazon.

It’s not clear if it is related to Wikileaks but apparently the DDoS attacks have been called off by Anonymous so it might be something else causing the issue and it seems centered on USA/EU traffic.

Update: It was confirmed by Amazon in a statement to Reuters that it was a hardware failure in their European data that caused the outage and not related to Wikileaks.

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  • was down, their seller control panel also down….
    but is up and running again. Not sure how long it was down for.

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