Jane Austen’s Sense and Searchability

The romance behind search and it’s affects on sensibility, it became clear how parallel our work is to the inspiring work of Jane Austen

sense-searchAs any Jane Austen novel reveals, there is always a unique relationship between two distinct characters. In the classic “Sense and Sensibility” Austen focuses on the differences between sisters Elinor, the eldest and most rational of the Dashwood children, and Marianne-the middle daughter who wears her emotions on her sleeves, and does not behave in anyway contrary to what she feels. After a recent talk with a large agency about the romance behind search and it’s affects on sensibility, it became clear how parallel our work is to the inspiring work of Jane Austen.

Resembling the different, yet important and needed, relationship between Elinor and Marianne, we see how similar our roles are two these iconic women. Your campaign will focus on two very important characters, with their own unique strengths, who will come together to produce a work of art. Those characters in our version of Austen’s classic-“Sense & Sensibility”are you and your agency. From here out, we shall refer to Austen’s tale as “Sense & Searchability.”

Most digital agencies understand that many marketing campaigns can involve the initial romance of increased profits and possibly followed by the dramatic heartbreak when Sense & Searchability are not followed.

Like online marketing, Sense & Sensibility has had a number of adaptations over the years starting with simple search, then advancing into paid search and finally ending up with social media.  The start of your campaign mimics the death of Norland Park as your Legacy Campaign which you have inherited includes a minimal budget and many big dreams to fill.

Both the novel and your existing issue begin with the death of “Norland Park” your “Legacy Campaign” that you have inherited with a minimal budget and so many dreams to fulfil.

Money & Marriage = Long-term Partnerships

The Dashwood women have learned that in order to get out of their situation of misery and unfulfilled dreams, they must marry well. The struggle becomes that both women wish to marry someone they love, but they cannot ignore the fact that love alone will not provide them with the needs their society demands they have. Finding the balance between money and love is a theme these characters fight to overcome. Although competitors may lead the market, by teaming up with a quality marketing agency, we can guarantee a fruitful partnership that will leave everyone satisfied.  Your agency aims to build long term business relationships with their clients. Many agencies the resources needed to ensure we can make the campaigns successful while growing your business and strengthening our business relationship.

Having a quality relationship with an agency that you can trust and depend on is much like the struggle that Marianne and Elinor face, but it is something that is required to sustain your search rankings and ensure financial stability for the future.

Expectations & Reality = Build Clear Understanding

In Austen’s novel, Marianne and her mother tend to expect greater drama or trauma than what actually unravels. many agencies has come to expect the random panic moments from new clients who are not used to having such a hands on agency.  Digital agencies understand that it is very important not to set unrealistic expectations and ensure there is a clear understanding of the reality of the campaign.  It is important that an agency does not mislead clients around project expectations as we do not benefit from an unsatisfied client.

Discretion = Non-Disclosure Agreements

The most important element of working with an agency is the power of Discretion which is part of the NDA.  In marketing, it is not in your–or ours for that matter-advantage to let your competitors know what we are doing to improve your online business and how we are shaping your brand.  We realise that there are many companies who publically wash their clients dirty laundry but, as we’ve learned from Marianne’s lack of discretion, it leads to a great deal of negative gossip while showing poor manners and lack of refinement. Neither of these outcomes are very sensible.

Appearance & Reality = Want to be #1

Appearance vs. reality are addressed by Austen through the appearance of Willougby-Marriane’s first love-as a romantic, open and genuine suitor, who ends up being vain, idle and cruel. We see this again in Lucy Steele who appears to be innocent in appearance, but in turn is quite conniving and secretive. The same often occurs with many flyby, night operations in the search marketing business that promise #1 Ranking in Google or 1000% increase or your money back.  Search offerings can be romantic but easy paths taken to riches that may leave you out in the cold with a damaged online reputation.

Expectation & Disappointment = Don’t take short cuts

Sense & Searchability shows a very interesting similarity to search marketing with expectations based on sparse evidence or faulty perceptions.  Digital agencies understands that this can lead to disappointment with clients; we strive to  explain that reality often proves very different from a clients expectations.  When clients take shortcuts and cut corners initial joyful expectations are dashed by hasher turns of events as Marianne cruelly discovered. Most agencies  doesn’t want their heartbreak to be yours.

Secrecy = “Blackhat”

In “Sense and Searchability,” Edward showed that secrecy, which may instead be a sign of discretion, can easily be confusing.  The Lost Agency has discovered that openness is  key to any relationship with a client. Online marketing, where secrecy around “BlackHat” tricks can usually indicate wrongdoing, will never result to a happy ending.  When this secret is revealed, such as cloaking or spam, legal action maybe pending and your online business model can be quickly destroyed if blacklisted by Google.

Judgement = Web Analytics

“Sense & Searchability clearly shows through many of Marriane’s quick appraisals that judgements can often be flighty and unjust. So how do you avoid such judgements? The first point is to work with the team at your agency to ensure we know exactly what the project entails and what you truly want from our involvement.  We are also heavily involved in making sure we track and measure as much of the campaign process as possible.  We understand that Web Analytics is an important part of measurement and can be useful for making clear decisions free from project blindness or personal interests.

Jealousy = Rank Better

The best feeling that the team at your agency can experience is when you competitors show the slightest hint of jealousy at the success of your campaign.

Self-Sacrifice = We make you look good

Elinor’s civil nature usually sees her withholding her true feelings, and sacrificing her true desires to make up for her overly emotional and heart-on-her-sleeve, and often times uncivil,  sister Marianne. However, she learns from Marriane’s attitudes that she must become more giving of her own feelings towards others. This balance in roles is part of being a good agency, our job is to do our best to make up for your websites uncivil behaviour and weakness in your online reputation.  We know that we need to build quality websites and campaigns that can in time become their own independent project.

Hypocrisy = Vanity is not a business model

At The Lost Agency, we hear of dozens of other agencies who use self-serving flattery, encouraging vanity and professing opinions they don’t believe as the likes of Miss Lucy Steele, in order to win your business.  We accept that much of this is part of human nature, but we stress that it should not be a central decision point of a search campaign. We highly recommend speaking with The Lost Agency before using any other agency.

Moderation = Grow the dream

Austen taught Marriane her hardest lesson: moderation. Although expressing one’s honest feeling and thoughts are prided, it is important to understand when, where and how much is necessary. At The Lost Agency, we also understand that every project requires moderation.  If your dream is to grow, improve profitability, and become a better brand, then you need a team like us to support you from the beginning of the project.

If you have some more specific questions that “Sense & Searchability” did not cover, contact our team and we will be able to talk more about demystifying the veil that surrounds search and social media campaigns.