30 Days of Holiday Pinspiration

30 Days of Pinspiration For the next 30 days Pinterest have reached out for pinspiration from brands, celebrities non-profits, peoples and businesses. The first person to share their inspiration is US television host Katie Couric followed by Dale Partridge of Sevenly.org.

30 Days of Pinspiration is a great move by Pinterest to highlight it’s celebrity users but also enable a platform for businesses such as NBA, Starbucks and US Marine Corps to generate more potential revenue. It will be interesting if this Holiday promotion platform is a one-off idea or will be recycled for other campaigns.

The platform is doing all the right things to encourage interaction and match any business focused promotions around how their audience use their platform. The only other insight I expect businesses will want to see post-promotion what was the engagement, number of comments, repins and new followers gathered by those involved in the campaign.

Day 3 is promoting charity Second Harvest who are working to fight hunger in the community and it’s inspiring to see such suitable and relevant charities being exposed to a bigger audience by Pinterest. It seems that looking at the few hundred of followers Second Harvest board has against the 30k Katie’s following board and 688k Dale has that this promotion will be a true test of how much they can influence follower growth.  It might also further grow the gap between the super users board such as Dale’s Holidaydreaming board and smaller players such as Second Harvest’s “fight hunger” board.

For Pinterest to get true adoption and investment by brands they need to ensure they have a suitable analytics platform available to businesses who use the platform. You can also find me on Pinterest but alas no holiday inspired board just yet!

So know you now about their Holiday board why not head over to their Holiday inspired board and have some fun!

 It’s a calendar gradually revealing a series of holiday boards from people, businesses, non-profit organizations, celebrities, and more