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Wordpress.com blogs can now be one of the first blogging platforms to benefit from the Tweet buttons

Tweet ButtonWordPress has moved very quickly to add the new official Tweet Button to all its hosted blogs with a simple click, no coding or hacking required. Typically WordPress.org blogs have the ability to add a number of extra plugins but often WordPress.com hosted blogs have to wait several months or years for the same functionality.  It’s great to see that WordPress.com blogs can now be one of the first blogging platforms to benefit from the Tweet buttons, increasing the ease that visitors can share content.  The hype around the new Tweet button follows on from last weeks exclusive coverage about the new Tweet Button by Mashable, it seems a number of blogs are rapidly dropping the TweetMeMe buttons in favour of the new official tweet buttons.

I noticed the Twitter update via an announcement today when I logged into my WordPress dashboard, the steps to add the extra functionality just required me to click the link, and tick the box “Show a Twitter “Tweet Button” on my posts, and it was done. You can see below how easy it is to add the official Tweet Button to your hosted WordPress blog, no more need for hacking or adding in code, it’s just requires one tick and its enabled for all your blog posts.

Wordpress Extras Settings

Wordpress Tweet Button

You can see the Tweet button at the bottom of your blog posts, we have taken the image above from a previous post, but you will also see a live version at the bottom of this blog post. One of the first search industry blogs to add the new official tweet button was the Oxford based search agency SEOptimise on their SEO Blog.  I asked Kevin Gibbons on his views and he was kinda enough to give some initial feedback via Twitter that they thought it looks good and the Tweet count seems to be more accurate too which is good.  From a styling perspective I would have to agree it’s quite cool, but its harder for me to compare how TweetMeMe performed in the past on this blog. So I suggest you login to your WordPress.com blog and enable the new official Tweet button today and start benefiting from some better insight into what articles your visitors like to share via Twitter.

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