Get rid of performance based advertising…?

FutureNow released a new post related to the Internet Advertising Bureau, read the original and this is my response to it.

Im sorry but this sounds like a bunch of rambling on a friday night at the pub, lets go spend $4 million on a 30 second ad for superbowl so we can get a corporate box at the game… im sorry that profit margins are down in large agencies but anyone who is planning on surviving the next few tough years are moving their old media clients online at least a percentage of spend. when was the last time you picked up a newspaper head line and went to that store gave them the newspaper as proof that the was the sole reason you went there!

web analytics allows you to track most of this and engagement marketing can also tell you how often your customer had to read the headline and how many so called unsuccessful viral videos they had to watch before their purchased something.

Can your offline media measure time wasters vs high value sales, im sorry but no!

Want a unsuccessful campaign look at blendtec and its “will it blend campaign” if thats not an example of succesful viral campaigns i will go out and sell newspapers on the street corner to help your old media clients get some exposure!

Go on try it, google “will it blend” and see the close to 45 million pages google has dedicated to that term, its not a generic term so its purely original and purely marketing!

the dotcom bust showed that companies who didnt work with performance based marketing lost their investors money and went broke!

if im not measuring my clients campaigns in some way im not doing my job, performance based is the only way that you can ensure your agency is doing something!