Twitter as a brand extension

I was writing a response to an recent blog post by @Problogger about making negative comments about him between two twitter users. You can read the original post here > Twitter Tips

I must admit that some of the statements i have made in the past month on twitter would have caused an employer to have a fit, Ive had smart responses to a recent marketing decision around a particular software that was re tweeted aggressively within my network… but they aren’t attacking an individual and are subjective views that seem to be supported by other bloggers…

I guess the advantage of this blog and my twitter accounts is that this is my own business/brand and the appeal of my agency, I’m not a cashmere suit faceless ponytail agency. Truth is i might look good in a monkey suit and a pony tail, but it just takes too long…

I have been building my twitter network around a concept of sharing knowledge and placing my spin on particular articles that I feed into my networks. has been built on doing that bit more and taking the chair out to see a competitor fall.

If there are people who can compete against billion dollar agencies where they have dozens of sales/tech support reps just based on their knowledge and focus on the customer service, they should be allowed to put the boot in.

I think that a little cheek should be something that should be encouraged, if i wanted to be boring i wouldn’t have picked a such a tongue-in-cheek name. So if anyone is looking to get found online please contact my agency for a good chat about your web strategies.