Search Engine Tools

Caphyon have developed two desktop applications are designed to make web marketing easy for both clients and marketers to run successful campaigns

Occasionally we review some of the applications that we use in-house for some of our clients search projects, one of the leading search optimisation software providers is Caphyon who offer 2 applications Advanced Web Ranking and Advanced Link Manager. They have developed two desktop applications are designed to make search engine ranking easier for both clients and marketers to run successful campaigns, but also offer all the enterprise level features that marketers demand. We have been using their software on some of our various projects over the past few years and they continue to build in new functionality to match the market demand.
Advanced Web Ranking
It is important to understand how you website ranking position can affect your online business, and it is not often feasible to manually check your current position for hundreds of keywords everyday or even once a week. Often we see that clients have been using excel spreadsheets to maintain keyword ranking results which are populated manually by staff, this is both an exercise that is a waste of time and is often biased by the users past search behaviours and websites visited.
It is not possible to offer the ability to both monitor and track changes within excel for multiple websites using an excel spreadsheet, combined with the extra time spent building reporting functions.  It would be better to use a solution such as Advanced Web Ranking and spend that time on link building services or ongoing optimisation of the website.
Some of the benefits to website developers include:
  • keyword research tool
  • search engine friendly
  • keyword suggestions from wordtracker service
  • keyword rank evolution charts
  • discover competing websites
Some of the features for those doing search optimisation
  • google preview tool
  • personalised and printable reports
  • automatic search engine updates
  • triggered reports set by rules
  • project management
  • reduce time consuming tasks with multiple updates

Visit their website if you want to see more of the advanced web ranking features in detail.
Advanced Link Manager
This is one of the best applications that can be used for analysis of your websites popularity and find potential link partners. Often with any link building campaign it can be a painful and time consuming process to insure your backlinks remain active and Advanced Link Manager offers an easy way to check when your link partners remove the links.  This is useful for sponsored links and can track new potential partners who are linking to your content and how valuable they might be to your backlink profile.
You can also monitor any toxic links or negative associations that maybe linked to your website such as blogs, articles or blog comments which may affect your online reputation. It can be useful to understand more about your competitions and link manager is one of the solutions that you can use to understand more about your competitions backlink profile and what new link partners are available. The level of detail you can begin to learn about your backlinks and your competitors is almost unlimited but can still take a lot of resources and training to get the most out of the package.
Some of the benefits to website developers include
  • website cralwer
  • webpage analysis
  • email composer
  • search engine friendly
  • generate link pages automatically
Some of the features for those doing search optimisation
  • link popularity tool
  • export personalised reports
  • proxy per project
  • user profiles
  • reciprocal linking tracking
  • email reports for potential link partners
  • google maps webpages importer
Visit their website if you want to see more of the advanced link manager features in detail.
What about technical support
The product support provided by the technical team from Caphyon is exceptional and makes it worthwhile to maintain you maintenance plan.  The free 12-month support package is included free with each Advanced Web Ranking license purchase but can be easily extended.
The support is offered by online chat, phone and through a customer support area, where you can easily lodge a support ticket regarding your issue.  Unlike many of the other solutions the enterprise level support is a reason why we continue to use this product for our clients projects.
Maintenance Plans
Both Advanced Web Ranking and Advanced Advanced Link Manager both give you the benefit of cloud based services that are continuously updated to new enhancements released during your maintenance period and the ease of a desktop application. Desktop applications have the benefit that they offer the ability to process and do analysis while offline and don’t have the problems of data lost when web browsers crashed or internet connection is lost. There are a number of times that using various hosted solutions that we have lost work during the process of saving and it is gone forever, this doesn’t happen as often with desktop applications and they are faster to work with when processing large amounts of data.
Software Package Options
Caphyon offers 4 standard packages for both their Advanced Web Ranking & Advanced Link Manager products
• Server Edition
• Enterprise Edition
• Professional Edition
• Standard Edition
The standard edition is a great product but if you are serious about getting the best results and access to the most features, then look at the professional or enterprise edition as these are the editions we found offered the best value and the most features. Disclosure we use and love this software….