eMetrics Summit London

eMetrics London 30 Nov - 1 Dec, 2011 is running during Data Driven Business Week and you can use the following discount code THELOSTAGENCY011

eMetrics Summit 2013As one of the world’s premier marketing optimisation conferences, eMetrics is certainly a wonderful event and London looks to be one of the best events to end 2013.  It’s also worthwhile to take advantage of the weak UK currency and travel to London for the event. One point to remember is that you can often save a bit of money booking your conference tickets ahead of time but I have also got a discount coupon if you want to register online and use this “LOSTAGENCY13” coupon code to save even more.

eMetrics Conference attendees will learn how to:

  • Increase their marketing ROI via optimisation of campaigns, communications & content
  • Improve your website visitors overall customer experience.
  • Establish a marketing metrics baseline
  • Correlate both your offline and online measurements
  • Connect customer satisfaction data with customer behaviour data
  • Change a corporate culture to embrace marketing experimentation
  • Increase measurable value from your website, campaigns and communications
  • Understand how to make the most of social media through metrics
  • Improve the online customer experience
  • Increase customer satisfaction and improve customer loyalty

Who is speaking at eMetrics 2013? eMetrics is known for attracting the highest level of experts and knowledge leaders in the markeitng industry, the eMetrics Summit explores the art and science of measurement, optimisation and analytics. As part of Data Driven Business week you will listen to the most comprehensive and forward thinking forums on tools, techniques and best practices to help optimise your marketing program.

  • Ed Brocklebank – Senior Digital Analyst @ Havas Media
  • Alex Brown – Digital Analyst @ AB Analytics
  • Xavier Colomes – Senior Web Analyst @ Intuit UK
  • James Cornwall – Digital Analytics Manager @ Shell
  • Matthew Curry  – Head of Ecommerce @ LH Group
  • John D’Arcy – Managing Partner for Analytics @ Blue Hive
  • Stefan Glaenzer – Founding Partner @ Passion Capital
  • Doug Hall – Director of Analytics & Conversions @ Conversion Works
  • John Lee – Senior Vice President of Vertical Markets @ Merkle
  • Tim Leighton-Boyce – eCommerce Web Analytics & Customer Experience @ CxFocus
  • Carmen Mardiros – Independent Analytics Practitioner @ Clear Clues
  • Sanjay Mehra – AVP Analytics & CRM, Direct Business & Digital Marketing @ MetLife
  • Peter O’Neill – Founder @ L3 Analytics
  • Alexandra Paun – Game Analyst @ Wooga
  • Barbara Pezzi – Director of Analytics & Search Optimisation @ Fairmont Raffles Hotels
  • Aurelie Pols – Pan-European Privacy Specalist @ Mind Your Privacy
  • Dave Rhee – Independent Consultant @ Influence Analytics
  • Jabir Salam – Digital Marketing Strategist @ Stradva
  • Craig Sullivan – Director of Optimisation @ RUSH Hair
  • Daniel Waisberg – Analytics Advocate @ Google
  • Jim Sterne – Founder @ eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit

eMetrics Day 1 – Wednesday 23rd October 2013

  • 930am > Multinational Analytics – A Different Kind of Numbers Game (James Cornwall & Jabir Salam)
  • 11am > Actionable Analytics (Matthew Curry)
  • 12pm > Drawing the Line on Privacy in the Technical, Ethical & Legal Sands (Aurelie Pols, Tim Leighton-Boyce)
  • 2pm > Beyond Last Touch: Enterprise Attribution (John Lee, Sanjay Mehra)
  • 2:45pm > Tag Management Gotcha (Ed Brocklebank, Doug Hall, Alex Brown)
  • 4pm > Questions & Answers Time (Stefan Glaenzer)
  • 5pm > Measuring Up – a Customer Negotiation (Jim Sterne)

eMetrics Day 2 – Thursday 24th October 2013

  • 930am > A/B Testing – The Proven Appraoch from Wooga (Alexandra Paun)
  • 11am > Formal Roundtable Discussion: First Admin You Have a Problem
  • 12noon > Maximum Marketing Impact with £5k (Barbara Pezzi)
  • 2pm > Making Lifecycle-Centered Analytics Viable for Smaller Business (Carmen Mardiros)
  • 2:45pm > Three Months to Success (Xavier Colomes)
  • 4pm > Confessions of a Data Geek (Craig Sullivan)
  • 5pm > Wrap Stars Expert Panel (Jim Sterne, John D’Arcy, Dave Rhee)
eMetrics London Location:
etc Venues – 200 Aldersgate, St Paul’s, London, EC1A 4HD, United Kingdom
etc venue contact number: +44 (0) 20 3011 0830
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