Predictive Analytics World Berlin

Coronavirus has shown the importance of great data insights to businesses if you want to continue to grow sales and traffic as consumers swap from offline to online channels. One of the leading conferences on the topic is Predictive Analytics World with their next event is happening in Berlin on the 16th & 17th November 2020.

Some of the key predictive analytics sessions being run are:

  • How to Scale Data Function in a Fast-Growing Organization?
  • How Did Predictive Analytics & Attribution Help Fingerspitzengefühl To Optimize Cross-Channel
  • Topological Data Analysis of Market Instabilities
  • Ad Optimization with Multiple Data Sources and Predictive Analytics for Fandom
  • Sometimes Algorithms Matter: When to Bring out the Big Guns
  • How Seven Network Applies AI to Monetise Emotive Contextual Moments for Broadcast TV
  • Stock Price Prediction and Portfolio Optimization Using Recurrent Neural Networks and Autoencoders
  • How to Classify News Articles at scale for Upday
  • Risk Detection for Newspaper Advertising Customers for Schwäbisch Media
  • How to Remove Bias and Make Machine Learning Models Fair & Discrimination-Free at the Example of Credit Risk Data
  • Finding the Needle in the Haystack: GfK’s Journey from Manual Checks to Automated Quality Tracking
  • Two-Layer Approach to Combine Artificial and Human Intelligence When Labeled Data Is Scarce
  • NLP-based Customer Service Automation at Scale for the Quality Carrier Hapag-Lloyd
  • Delivery Hero Adding Machine Learning to Search for Better Results, More Conversions and Happier Customers
  • Why Don’t People Pay? Revolutionizing Debt Collection with Machine Learning and Behavioral Science for Creditreform
  • How AI Is (Not) Changing Forecasting & Demand Planning
  • Improving Sales Forecasting for Unilever Through Deep Learning based Object Detection for Ice Cream
  • Behavioral Fraud Detection for Credit Card Transactions at YapiKredi
  • Malt Yield Forecast for Bitburger: a Toolbox for Data-Driven Brewing Optimization
  • How to Estimate the Impact of TV Commercials on a Website

Predictive Analytics World Berlin Discount Code

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