How to migrate away from

Step 1 – Save slideshare presentation thumbnail image which will be your article featured image on WordPress

Step 2 – Cut and paste the slideshare presentation title this will be your wordpress article title

Step 3 – Cut and paste the slideshare description this will be your article introduction paragraph

Step 4 – Cut and paste the slideshare summary/speaker notes

Step 5 – Make a note of the publish date you want to adjust the article publish date so the presentations are in order

Step 6 – Download the presentation (you might need to edit the settings to allow downloads)

Step 7 – Upload the slideshare exported presentations to Google drive

Step 8 – Open the downloaded slideshare presentation with Google slide

Step 9 – Goto the file menu and select publish the exported slideshare presentation to the web

Step 10 – Click the embed tab and select the slide size & auto advanced option

Step 11 – Hit publish when you are happy with the settings

Step 12 – Cut and paste the embed iframe code using CTRL+C or your mouse

Step 13 – Embed the iframe into your WordPress article using the custom HTML widget

Step 14 – ????

Step 15 – Profit