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Now that you have a great idea of what content you need to create or produce thanks to your new insights learnt from blogs and eBooks you can use platforms like eLance to hire qualified writers to produce your original content.

While there is always the saying that you get what you pay for but careful research and using reputatible supplies you can still provide quality and unique content and keep your budget under control on eLance. If you try and get the content for as little as possible don’t expect to receive a perfectly published piece of content if you make some concessions you will find some really great writers and providers are willing to build long term business relationships so you may have to slightly raise your budget to match their proposed price.

Filter by eLance Provider Categories

  • Web & Programming
  • Writing & Translation
  • Design & Multimedia
  • Admin Support
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Finance & Management
  • Engineering & Manufacturing
  • Legal

eLance is one of the largest platforms

Being the biggest has the advantage is that they can also benefit from economies of scales as at anytime on eLance  there are over 424,000 providers waiting to pitch for your business.  Most of these providers are easily filtered down to weed out the cheap and useless to find the perfect qualified provider. You can filter eLance providers by the following options:

  • Business vs Individuals
  • Tested Skills/Accreditations
  • Group Associations
  • Location – City,State,Country
  • Feedback – 3 stars, 4 stars, 5 stars
  • Past Reviews – At least 5,10 or 15 over past 12 months
  • Hourly rate – up to US$20, $30,$40,$50,$75,$100,$150,$200, over $200 per hour

Post your Job to eLance
It’s a fairly simple 3 step process to find workers to complete your job or tasks online with over 40,000 new jobs posted every month. I usually recommend making your task private only so it’s not indexible by Google/Bing and you don’t encourage the stream of unqualified and time wasting proposal responses.  You are best to be as specific and detailed as possible and to get a better quality proposal try and provide some past examples or samples of content you expect them to produce.

  • Name your job
  • Describe your task
  • Add supporting attachments (not required)
  • Job is fixed price or hourly
  • Select category and sub category
  • Request and specific skills or group associations
  • Privacy Options – Public (more proposals) vs Private (invite only)
  • Add Job Details: preferred location, start date

Reviewing your proposals

If you have done the invite only proposal you already have a fairly good idea on their experience and expertise in the area you have requested content/articles produced, but they will often supply specific articles they have written that are similar to your Job or industry in the past that you can view.  You then view their proposed price and can message them back with questions or revise your original job to match your budget or time frame proposed.

eLance reduced chance of fraud

As you can prepay for your task and the money is held in escrow until you receive all the content/articles and are satisfied with the product and it’s released to the contractor, there is no need to risk transferring money via EFT or Paypal and no need to supply your credit card details via email.  You use the secure eLance platform to manage payments and can easily manage what financial accounts are used when making payments on Elance but you can also view or download your eLance transaction history easily.

Manage your Article/Content Projects
It’s easy to quickly view contractors that you have employed on current projects, or those who are still working, and also view any previous projects that have been completed. Most of your project management is done via the WorkRoom where you are able to view message threads with the contractor, see any recent files uploaded or added to the project but also view status reports and milestones for the project. You can also maintain a level of privacy with your contractors when managing the project from within the WorkRoom.

Downsides of eLance

Unlike some other platforms there is no editorial staff checking all authors linguistic qualities or via CopyScape to confirm it’s original and you are not getting sub-standard content ripped and spun from someone else’s website.  The other minor issue is that there is no automated tool that confirms the word count of any articles provided match your job request, but you can easily do a quick count in Microsoft Word and request the contractor re-submit the content in line with your guidelines.

eLance WorkRoom Work View
If you are working on a larger or more complex project and want to be able to track their progress it is possible for your contractor to submit hours to your WorkView Tracker. The WorkView adds a higher level of accountability for your projects when you are not working in the same office or even in the same country. Some companies and clients are always interested in maintaining control and platforms like eLance stand out because they offer this with WorkView.

elance WorkView

What’s Next for you?
Now that you have the WordTracker eBooks to guide on content you should be creating go out and submit a proposal on eLance and get a writer working on it today!