Why can’t I block Google+ Help community?

This post is in response to an issue I’ve for a while with an official Google+ community posts.  The problem is that I just don’t seem to be able to get rid of the damn community posts in my feed no matter what I do.  I have been manually muting individual posts as there seems to be a constant stream of the same questions asked over and over by different people.  I have included the screenshot below to show how many of the damn Google+ Help posts flood my stream because they have around 143,000 members the community is producing a heap of posts on a regular basis.

Google+ Help Community

But what you cannot see here is that if you goto the Google+ Help community page you can see that I’m not actually part of the community and I’ve even tried blocking the community yet I can’t escape the damn posts.  You can mute them but there are hundreds just waiting to pop-up in your feed next time you refresh or login to your account. They are far more annoying on your mobile device as you have to scroll past this Google+ Help spam.

Google+ Plus Community Blocked

Does anyone know is this a problem that once you have joined an official Google+ community that you can’t escape their posts forever? This is really really an annoying part of the Google+ platform and one that I don’t seem to be able to find a solution for, is anyone able to offer some tips or have you seen it with other community posts that you can’t escape?