Microsoft Surface Tablet

Microsoft SurfaceIn a announcement that seemed to shock many in the Tech industry, Microsoft finally entered the tablet race and wow does it look sexy! The new Microsoft Surface puts android tablets to shame with it’s smooth and fluid Windows 8 dashboard, built in stand and 33mm thin cover that doubles as a keyboard. There is two options of each based on flash memory with the entry level Surface with Windows RT and the more powerful Surface with Windows8 PRO.

Amazon has some of the best deals on the Microsoft Surface Tablets, with a number of discounted tablets available for sale with some now discounted by almost 50%.

Surface Windows RT Specifications

  • 676 grams
  • 9.3 mm thick
  • microSD, USB 2.0, Micro HD Video, 2×2 MIMO antennae
  • Office 15, Touch Cover, Type Cover
  • 32 Gig/64Gig
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Surface Windows 8 Pro Specifications

  • 903 grams
  • 13.5 mm thick
  • microSD, USB 3.0, Micro HD Video, 2×2 MIMO antennae
  • Office 15, Touch Cover, Type Cover, magnetic pen
  • 32 Gig/64Gig
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The big point of the difference between the WindowsRT and Windows 8 Pro versions is the latter comes with a stylus that allows users to write hand written notes.
The launch was exciting the product and does look amazing, they have certainly managed to launch the product with a lot of hype and appeared to have satisfied many based on the early reviews.  The key aspect to the success of the device will be when it can hit the market and what it’s final pricing point will be. The big point of difference is unlike previous Microsoft products there is very little branding outside the small Windows icon on the touch button, which may open the device to people who have stayed clear of Microsoft hardware in the past.  Apple has set the standards for consumer products with their clear/clean designs and just a small etching on the back to disclose it’s an Apple device.
In taking a leaf out of Apple’s book the device has a magnetic power connector  and even the keyboard is held to the device by a magnetic edge.  To avoid the Apple iPad 3 heat issue, the Microsoft Surface vents the system heat via the “seam” which prevents cooling ports being blocked and the base of your device getting hot!
So take a look at the promotional video below and see if you are just as excited as I am for this tablet to replace my existing Asus Transformer.

There is no details on what is the release date for the device or even when it might be available globally.  So my advice is that if you are interested in a tablet there are plenty of ones to fill the gap before the Microsoft Surface Tablet is released. You can always make use of a second tablet for friends and family when you are ready to upgrade to Windows Surface Tablet!

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