Cummins Nitro wins 3rd Grand Prix @ Cannes

"Best Job in the World" campaign ended the campaign with media coverage of over $Us100 million from an initial campaign budget of $US1.2 million

cummins-nitroAdAge just reported this morning that Cummins Nitro had won their 3rd Grand Prix award for the “Best Job in the World” campaign at the bestjob-in-the-wordlinternational advertising festival Cannes 2009.

This effective campaign was built around a strategy where Tourism Queensland set the task of launching a new brand.  It was built around the islands of the Great Barrier Reef targeting 8 key international markets.

The great use of the media and its inquisitive nature would be to follow up on a story where they had a job offer that was too good to be true.  Was this a scam? with were dozens of online recruitment bestjob-in-the-world-adsites, display ads were all setup to direct traffic to

The media buzz that was built around this amazing offer help build up the international interest without the use of traditional and expensive media.  The reef job website was supported by a extensive social media presence on Myspace, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter which allowed direct brand engagement with the target audience.

The best part of this campaign was that it drove massive interest and supported Tourism Queensland’s other online marketing activities such as Twitter, Email Marketing and Micro-sites, undertaken by fellow Brisbane agency XCOM Media. cannes-grand-prixThe “Best Job in the World” campaign ended the campaign with media coverage of over $Us100,000,000 from an initial campaign budget of $US1,200,000.  For more details about the campaign visit CumminsNitro’s case study.

To see more details about the campaign, what staff were responsible for the amazing 3 wins at Cannes, and what the Cannes jury thought of the campaign, visit the Cannes Lions Winners section.