Boost your conversions with ClickTale Analytics

8 tips from ClickTale use them to help your website conversion rates and give a analytics product such as ClickTale for FREE!

The ClickTale Blog recently posted a great breakdown of 8 Brilliant tips that can be used to Boost your conversions using Web Analytics software. The benefit of using Web Analytics to make decisions about your website is that they are free from Bias and can be measured to show if there was an increase or decrease in site conversion due to the change.

There is often a few key points that if followed can ensure that you online business will have good conversion rates and if continuous refined will ensure that you business ROI continues to increase over time. It is important that you dont remove existing web analytics software if you want to try a product like ClickTale, our advice is to always look at using more than one Web Analytics package to get the best possible data about your website.

So have a look over these 8 brief tips based on the ClickTale blog post and use them to help your website conversion rates and give a analytics product such as ClickTale for FREE!

1. Fantastic visuals grab visitors attention
Visitors like to click on images
Good Looking people & faces get clicks

2. Great headlines encourage action
Are your headlines short and to the point?
Are your benefits clear to the visitor?

3. Float your best content to the top
Areas near the top get around 17x more exposure
Newsworthy and call to action needs to be above the fold

4. Make important content stand out
Experiment with changes to text font size and colours

5. What’s In It For Me?
Is this any actual value to your audience
Should they care and is it going to be useful?

6. Fewer questions boost conversions
Visitors are sensitive to quantity and type asked
Additional questions decrease conversion rates
Low intrusive with few questions convert best

7. Run usability tests
Usability testing discovers whats broken

8. Test, repair, and retest
Use software like website optimiser to test
Make changes and use website optimiser to retest

What is ClickTale?

ClickTale is an interesting product that allows website owners to watch every mouse movement, every click and use this information to increase revenues and improve site usability.  Some of the advanced capability of ClickTale are:

Experiment with font size, colours