Dell Outlet Tweets $5617 Revenue

dell-logoMarketing Mag news covered this story in brief Dell turns tweets into $3 million, but I thought there is more too this story as it does not examine the campaign from a ROI perspective.

While this is a small portion of the $61.1 billion in total revenue generated by Dell, it does have over 78,900 employees working to generate this revenue or around $774,397 per staff member.  This is important to place into perspective as 1 staff member “Stefanie Nelson” averaged over the 2 years $1,500,000 in revenue. The other important factor in the success of this social media campaign is that the Twitter account continues to gather more followers and grow exponentially along with revenue.  Mashable shows in more detail the actual growth pattern in followers which indicates that this account will continue to grow in importance as if it can take 2 years to get to $2 million, but only 6 months of that to move from $1 to $2 million.twitter-logo

Another interesting factor is based on the small number tweets “534” that has been broadcast in this time each tweet sent from this account is worth around $5617 if we based it on the total $3 million.  Most clients would ask if this account was tweeting more would DellOutlet be making more money? This is an important decision that needs to be made before a social media campaign is started, the campaign must remain consistent.  If a client gets greedy and starts to spam its Twitter followers they can quickly alienate their followers and destroy the potential growth and benefits of such a new sales channel.

twitterWhile this rough calculation $5617 revenue per tweet does not include the likely thousands if not hundred of thousands of DirectMessages “DMs” that has been sent by DellOutlet to their follows, it is still quite successful. So think about the time it takes to tweet, maybe 45 seconds including time to login to your account, and that generates $5617 in revenue each time, I’m sure that ROI is something any company would be happy with.

There are a number of other successful elements that make this a successful Twitter campaign, but this is why you engage with a web marketing agency….

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