Facebook befriends Friendfeed in buyout

Friendfeed staff have always been great admirers of Facebook, and their companies share a common vision.

facebook logo It has been the source of rumours for months that Google or Yahoo would take advantage of the real-time social aggregator Friendfeed. This time it has been Facebook who made the first move to protect their shared common vision of social media.

The advantage is that FriendFeed’s new beta service allows for realtime feeds to be updated compared to Twitter & Facebook which require the user to manually refresh. Facebook has borrowed a number of features in its recent updates such as the “like” option which is proving quite popular amount its users but is slower with real-time updates.

The Friendfeed blog advises that the API will continue to operate normally, but keep an eye on the Friendfeed blog to stay upto date. It is likely with the expanded development team that a number of wonderful new features will be included on the Friendfeed platform and later within Facebook.

Friendfeed was started by a number of ex-Googlers so does this move mean that Facebook is gunning for twitter with this star team?

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