Free Web Analytics Reports by Industry

Are you interested to see how your company is using web analytics compared to your industry?

Earlier this year I prepared some research material looking into the worlds use of web analytics solutions, most of this data was captured in February and processed by March 2009.  Since many corporate websites appear to be rarely updated the data is likely to be consistent, if there has been any change it is usually the addition of another secondary analytics package is added. The world’s top 1200 public listed corporations were reviewed and studied if they use web analytics.

The Canadian auto industry use of web analytics has be studied in more detail by Stéphane Hamel on his blog and is worthwhile reading to get an understanding of how local operations compare to corporate websites. It was a common trend that local operations often differed from global sites and were often more proactive regarding web analytics.

I have been working to complete some more of these reports and have had requests to publish some of these.  I will try and get some more industries analysed over the next few months and they will be added to the list.

The report was prepared with the assistance of WASP, the world’s leading web analytics profiler and debugger plugin.