Google Adsense to tweet

While companies struggle to make their fortunes overnight with social media campaigns using two of the larger platforms Facebook & Twitter.   According to AdAge Google has played the first mover card and allowed some accounts to show recent tweets to displayed across its Adsense platform.  Most people would think one of two options is this the first step for a collaboration or a takeover by a bigger brother?

The new possible benefit to Twitter and its users is they will eventually reach an extra 27.88% of websites that are running the Google Adsense platform. This new alpha test allows the Adsense box to display the last 5 tweets from @turbotax and offers a massive increase in live and fresh content  and likely welcomed by many websites running Adsense.

I would be interested to see which accounts have been selected and what was the selection criteria as @turbotax only has around 1800 followers, would this test been better on an account with a larger following? Based on Dell’s recent disclosure that they generated around $3 million in sales in 2007 from Twitter is this market going to become more important for business?

The issue is that does this mean spam bots can now start tweeting fresh content and feeding them into parked domains running Google Adsense? While any rollout of new features is welcome the biggest issue is if this is something that will benefit website visitors or just making Adsense more appealing to Advertisers?