Response to Spam B!tchslap

This is my post reponse to a recent blog post by Scott Allen Taylor on #SpambSlap and the fun times on twitter…

The post is really about pushing your get rich quick schemes, following idiots who talk about being internet marketing guru….

Pur and simple i agree, if you have internet guru and 30,000 followers and 100 updates most likely you are going to be blocked… the whole follow/unfollow game really p!sses me off, if i see these you get blocked…

The social nature of twitter is that if someone you dont know, have never interacted with doesnt follow you back dont get angry its a personal choice if you want to follow back.

If people arent following you back maybe its the crap that you are posting about now going to the fridge need to find something to eat updates… nice work on the squidoo revenue, you only need a few more affilates and you will be able to never work again… :)-

So if you are going to use twitter, try not to spam too much… and pick a niche that you are passionate about and get involved in those groups #hashtags.