Agency of The Year

My inbox is often filled with strange and interesting videos but last week I discovered a wonderful gem.  The video starts out with typical agency client request/demand but morphs into something almost evil while retaining a light hearted element that makes it suitable to share.

The whole concept of the clips revolve around the idea of ad agencies pimping themselves out only to be judged by their clients. The clips show many common requests made by clients to agencies but seem even stranger when visualised.

Agency of the Year – Pain “Make logo bigger”

The first video shows a common request occurring where design and common sense are ignored. The video captures the physical pain for designers giving into client requests to make the logo big enough to be unavoidable.

Agency of the Year – Escort “strange requests”

The next video shows the fun that can happen before a campaign goes live, often just after project signoff.  Agencies have to cope with the often unique and sometimes difficult requests that are made by prospective clients.  Even when all requests are delivered by the agency their client may still not be satisfied and turn down the idea/concept and walk away.

Agency of the Year: Caught in the Act “can you give me a discount”

A very common question asked of agencies since the GFC is for discounts, but cut too many costs and you will be left out in the cold as the project is not sustainable or profitable.  Clients also need to draw the line between discounted and pro-bono requests on projects and the amount can vary client to client.


What is the purpose of these clips?

They all feature prominent agency heads left to deal with a strange particular situation, so what are they promoting?

I thought these videos were part of a brilliant viral marketing campaign to promote an upcoming big industry awards night.  But after checking some facts I discovered they were for internal screening shown to the award attendees for an event held last month in Singapore.

The annual Agency of the Year awards was held at the Singapore Ritz-Carlton on the 30th July 2009.  What makes these clips interesting is they were shown as part of a closed event for just 700 industry players.  The pure entertainment clips reinforce the theme of the awards show where clients decide on the category winners.

The wonderful clips were created by Singapore based agency LloydNorthover Yeang as part of events entertainment.

Maybe these entertaining clips are the start of something wonderful in client re-education?