SLI Systems improve ‘No Results’

SLI Systems advise that based on their experience around 10% of all searches on your website return a "No results" page.

sli-systemsThis post is based on a recent email newsletter I received from a search technology company SLI Systems.  I have spoken with SLI Systems in the past for client projects where clients are looking for more advanced uses of automated web analytics solutions.  Their email newsletter was good as it outlined a common issue for most new ecommerce websites as they face the same common issues when they are just launching or looking to increase their conversion rates without rebuilding their entire store.

When I speak with advertising agencies and prospective clients they sometimes don’t have the budgets for an entire website rebuilds but web analytics can often present an opportunity to improve current conversion rates. SLI Systems, offers an intelligent search technology for websites, e-commerce stores and internal search engines as their technology is based around visitor behaviour to continuously improve your search results.

SLI Systems advise that based on their experience around 10% of all searches on your website return a “No results” page.  While Google Analytics can show which terms visitors use on your website have used, it does not advise which generated poor or no results.  There are some great points that SLI Systems advises around how to give your customers a better site experience.

  • Use the Language of Your Customers
  • Expand your Product Lines
  • Incorporate an Auto Complete Feature
  • Show Results with Some of the Words
  • Show Spelling Suggestions
  • Show Popular Searches
  • Show Popular Products
  • Show Keyword-specific Banners

If you want to provide better service to your customers, SLI Systems can help:

  1. Enabling website visitors to effectively find content on your site
  2. Gain additional natural search traffic from Google
  3. Automatically generate paid keyword ad campaigns
  4. Substantially increase your websites revenue

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