Google+ Pages Authorship?

One interesting item I noticed tonight was that one of my shares about the “Olympic Charter” on two of my Google+ pages was actually showing up in my Google SERPs.  I began to wonder if Google+ authorship has finally started to be rolled out for Google+ pages?

Google+ Authorship

I did a test with incognito and while the authorship icon did show for “Claire Carter” on the 3rd page of results I couldn’t find the authorship showing for “SEO Meetups” or “The Lost Agency”.  After playing about and having a think I quickly understood how it was working, these two pages were linked to my Google+ profile as I had them in circles but it did make me feel sad as it was a step further down the path towards further personalisation of search results.

I did a quick test with Chrome incognito with a different post shared on another page I managed but initially I did not have this page in my circles, so I didn’t see any posts ranking with it’s Google+ page icon.  But I then added that other page to my circles and almost instantly when I refreshed the results I could now see the result showing with that Google+ page icon. I was surprised how fast this personalised search results showed up once I added this page to my circles.

So it seems that Google+ Pages Authorship is starting to show but unlike standard Google+ authorship it only shows their updates higher and with thumbnail if you have them in your circles.

The interesting thing is that I haven’t seen this too much for any other pages I have in circles but could force it to show with a search for “Whiteboard Friday” and you can see Roger from Moz showing but didn’t see too many others on some trial queries.

This change does offer a huge advantage for brands that can build a large audience of people that have them in their circles as they now have just as much control of influencing your followers search results as Google+ personal pages. The question is now how long it will take until Google+ page updates will start to show as authorship currently does even when you are not logged in?

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