Top YouTube Myths

youtube logoGoogle’s YouTube seeks to counter the coverage is that it is just a source of viral videos, attention seekers and animal videos in a recent blog post.¬† YouTube is continuing to stress its recent agreements with content partners such as Sony, Diney & Universal music has raised its profile but what are the most common myths.

Myth 1: YouTube is limited to short-form user-generated content.
YouTube directors & media partners have uploaded hundreds of full-length feature films and TV Shows.

Myth 2: YouTube videos are grainy and of poor quality.
YouTube HD is now standard for hundreds of thousands of HD videos added each month.

Myth 3: Traffic, growth, and uploads are bad for YouTube’s bottom line.
Google builds scaleable infrastructure so it depends on growth and welcomes the challenge.

Myth 4: Advertisers are afraid of YouTube.
20th Century Fox took over YouTube’s masterhead ads across YouTube homepages in 11 countries to push its recent X-Men movie, this Youtube campaign in the UK generated 15% uplift in brand awareness for X-Men.

Myth 5: YouTube is only monetizing 3-5% of the site.
Who made up this statistic?? YouTube’s business model is focused on total number of monetised views, not % of site.

YouTube media partners Mythbusters claim that it looks like these myths are busted for now, but YouTube will likely be requested to revisit these myths in the future.

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