NBC London 2012 FAIL!

In what seems to be another round of NBC screwups around the London 2012 Olympics, it seems that they are now struggling to understand the difference between Australia and Austria. A shout out to DejanSEO for the heads up on this amazing geography fail by their web development team. It’s really quite difficult to understand how you can so easily screw up something that is so obviously wrong when you have 4 years to get prepared and things in place.

NBC London 2012 Fail
NBC London 2012 Fail

Description of Australia currently being used – “Located in central Europe, bordered to the north by Germany and the Czech Republic, to the west by Switzerland and Liechtenstein, to the south by Italy and Slovenia, and to the east by Hungary and Slovakia. Is primarily mountainous with the Alps and foothills covering the western and southern provinces.

Note we can clearly see that the first issue with this description is that Australia is an island and you will in fact find Papua New Guinea to the north and not in fact Germany. It’s fairly easy to spot that they simply just have no idea and have mistakenly linked Australia’s description to Austria’s description. So outside of just being clueless of geography I do feel like driving south to Italy for dinner now….

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