Murray Hill Incorporated Continues Congressional Campaign

Murray Hill
Murray Hill

It appears another viral campaign may be underway: a successful PR campaign was started when a recent Supreme Court decision defined corporations as persons.

The satirical campaign is run by a PR agency that aims to highlight the merits of no longer having to use high-paid lobbyists and back-room deals as they can now public-ally spend as much as they want. By removing the human element from the equation, every corporation wins!

The Murray Hill Fanpage was launched on January 24 and has grown past 2,100 fans showing support for corporations being able to run for Congress.

The original Murray Hill promotional video looks and sounds like a real campaign video and has grown to around 150,000 views since it was launched last week. Not happy with that exposure, the followup MSNBC interview video shown below has only just begun with around 250 views at the time of writing this post.

The interview is a great laugh and the spokesman does a wonderful job of staying in character.