Online discounts to flooded residents lists companies that are offering discounts to flooded residents and businesses to help them get back on their feet. Listings are completely free!!

It’s always great to see people using their best skills to help those in need and last week Brisbane boutique design firm Niche Studio and Stretch Marketing launched a collaboration website Flood Discounts.  The not-for profit website is a online platform for those who were affected by the floods are able to access genuine discounts from trusted retailers and service providers across 21 categories who want to help their community get back on it’s feet.

The idea around platform is great because while it’s completely free for businesses to list and those affected by the floods it’s also been built with both intelligence and usability in mind and is not the typically hack website, its a really great site and a testimony to their skills and their staff who likely worked overtime to complete it and get it live so quickly. There are slowly a number of featured suppliers who are some of the first to come on board listed below:

How does Flood Discounts work?

There is 4 simple options for those wanting to help rebuild or those needing help to rebuild as up to 50% of those affected by the floods are predicted to be denied the ability to claim on their insurance.  The website is accurate in the statement that even with insurance it’s an enormous task for a huge number of families and communities to rebuild after the floods.

  1. List your Flood Discounts
  2. Find a Flood Discount offer by category
  3. Sign up as a flooded resident
  4. Search for relevant Flood Discounts

How do you get a discount?

The conditions are that you must present proof that your house has been affected by flood damage from a licensed electrical contractor, Energex, or an invoice from a another relevant service provider. The discounts maybe subject to terms, conditions and limitations and you will need photo ID.

Flood Discount Terms & Conditions

The websites Flood Discounts are offered over two periods of time:

  • 17 Jan 2011 – 31 March 2011
  • 1 April 2011 – 1 July 2011

How you can support them?

Become a fan of Flood Discounts on Facebook and follow Flood Discounts on Twitter to get updates on all the retailers and business who are joining up and supporting those who were affected.

Other ways to show support for those affected online

You can still show support of those affected by joining community Facebook pages like News Limited’s QLD Floods page, signup to be an emergency volunteer, or donate to the QLD Premier’s Flood Relief Appeal directly. Still going strong as one of the true leaders during the disaster was the Queensland Police Service who continue to be a great source of what is going on post-disaster with the clean-up effort. Remember to please always check the legitimacy of charities when donating to help flood victims in central and south east Queensland by visiting the Scam Watch website.