Viralheat adds Google+ Page Management

ViralHeatViralheat publishing suite has continue to expand it’s platform to allow for management of multiple social accounts including Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. But they have just announced Google+ will be added to that list of platforms that you can now effortlessly publish, share and manage from within Viralheat.  Viralheat has stepped up it’s platform to bring it in-line with core features offered by competitors such as HootSuite which should make things interesting considering Viralheat’s strength around sentiment analysis.

Audience Sentiment Analysis

Viralheat publishing allows

  • Account selection
  • Scheduled publishing
  • Geographic selection (Facebook)
  • URL shortening (Bitl.y)
  • Post preview
  • Rich media integration (drag & drop images)
  • Publishing history

Manage multiple accounts with ease

Gain insight on social channels

The benefit of using a product like ViralHeat over a similar product like Hootsuite is the integration of social analytics for your Facebok & Twitter accounts. A lot of discussion has been around Facebook fan page changes and how EdgeRank has made it difficult for brands to not have to increase their spend on Facebook Ads.  Platforms like Viralheat that provide access to Facebook Insights to give you better data does make reporting and analysis of what is working much easier for big brands and those looking after multiple Fan pages.

Facebook Insights with Viralheat

They also have some analysis of Twitter engagement and reach but don’t currently use any external data sets such as Klout or Twitalyzer to profile your audience. They do have their own internal influencer algorithm but it would be good to see so their platform can be validated against any other existing tools you are already using for social.

When is Google+ Analytics coming?

It’s interesting to see how many platforms are now supporting Google+ but the question is which will be the first platform to support Google+ analytics.  The first mover on that feature will be a game changer as social media agencies and managers will be able to allocate resources to scale their Google+ activities once they have reliable metrics to report on. The first invites for Google+ analytics would likely be the platforms with the most accounts being managed which is likely why Viralheat now offers a bulk of their platform features for free.