Twitter for Newsrooms

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Twitter Media has rolled out a nice platform update in the last few days that offers a best practice guide for Newsrooms wanting to use twitter to report and publish better. There is a growing need for media organisations to start to follow some consistency and not mix and match terms between Twitter and Facebook and it’s obviously upset the right branding people inside the Twitter Media term who put a fair bit of effort into the contents of their expanded Twitter media platform.

The Twitter Newsroom tips and guides cover 4 primary areas

  1. Report (Search Strategy,Finding Sources,via Mobile)
  2. Engage (Effective Tweeting,Personal Branding)
  3. Publish (Tools,Display/Brand Guidelines)
  4. Extra (Support,Blogs,Partners)

It’s really a fairly decent overview but the platform needs a fair bit more promotion to ensure journalists know that it is there and that it contains valuable information they should check out!

France Bans Social Media

Under what is an interesting government decree passed back in 1992 which prohibits news organisations from promoting brands during newscasts, the countries TV council has now enforced the law that prohibits specific mentions of Twitter or Facebook on TV. It’s an interesting move as many networks are pushing and promoting Twitter & Facebook over their company websites so it might please their webmasters but is it taken free-market law too far? It’s raised some interest in Australia with the government-funded ABC heavily promoting platform but it’s typically banned from promoting commercial partnerships.

Quick video review of the portal

I’ve published a quick video review of the service and found there is certainly some great content and advice there so check out the video below and check it out.